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MWYTS June 2017
MWYTS June 2017

4 week intensive marketing boost for your handmade business. Starting 3rd July 2017.

1 module a week for 4 weeks, with an extra bonus 2 weeks extra with Nicola Smith to ask all the questions you need. Lifetime access, so you can pop back whenever you need to. Two live Q&A sessions and an exclusive Facebook group to ask questions

"The course has been a massive eye opener for me! Thank you Nicola for the great opportunity to learn from you! ? ” – Anna Mizera 'Shicori – crafted with love'

One Off Payment

Price: £149.00


If you sell your crafts online and you want to learn how to be in full control of your own website this is for you. It is time to stop worrying about changing algorithms on Etsy; it’s time to take control of your business online with your own Wordpress website!

"“Can’t recommend this workshop and Nicola’s help (and patience) enough! I started knowing nothing about WordPress and with little clue about a good website but within a couple of weeks of working when I had the time I had, what I think, is a great website. Sue Harris, Blue Box Studio'

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Price: £94.00

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Handcrafted Product Pricing
Handcrafted Product Pricing

Learn how to correctly price your handmade products with this class and as an added extra you also get a fantastic discount calculator too. So whenever you are tempted to have a sale or an offer you can see exactly how it will impact how much you will make before you have the sale!

"“I read your ebook and calculated my pricing on paper. OMG I'm now using your spreadsheet it's awesome! I feel very american saying awesome but its the best way I can describe it. Dawn Jones Smith of Pretty Formal Wedding Stationery'

One Off Payment

Price: £19.95

Know Your Niche

Identify your ideal customer and find your own business sweet spot (so you have a business you really love) – I don’t just talk about it, we work through it together using the class workbook.

"This class will give you the tools you need to get inside the head of your ideal customer."

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Price: £14.95

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Pay as you go Club!
Pay as you go Club!

Teaching you what you need to know and giving you the guidance and support you need to make it work for you so you can have the handmade business you want!

"No tie in, so come and go as you need"

Monthly Payment

Price: £15.97

Annual Membership

Get 12 months standard membership for price of 9 with this fantastic discounted annual membership offer. You will get a full year of support, guidance and expert advice. "Perfect if you want peace of mind and like a bargain"

Annual Payment

Price: £159.70
Price: £143.73

Be a VIP!

Receive a one-to-one business coaching and mentoring session every month, with all the benefits of Standard Membership included.

"For when you need personal attention, focus and accountability"

Monthly Payment

Available Qty: 1
Price: £124.00

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Break out of your comfort zone, give you and your handmade business a boost in a really safe and supportive way.  If you can do this, you can do anything!


“Nicola has transformed my business.  Transformed is a big word but its not big enough to adequately describe the difference she has made…  I’m gaining the reputation I dreamed about when I first started this journey… I know with Nicola’s help I will be successful.”

Melanie Forrer-Pratt

Founder & Maker, Mel's Nimble Thimble

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