Recently I held my first ever Display Training Workshop and to say I felt proud was an understatement. Having an idea to do something I felt passionate about and turning that into something real was such a rewarding thing to do. The enthusiasm and feedback I got from the group was awesome and confirmed to me that my idea was in fact a good one.
About a year ago I, Ingrid Rees,  decided to look at how I might set up a little creative business, fast forward a few months and I was unexpectedly made redundant. Having the time and feeling ready to become self-employed, I threw myself into building Ingterior, making home accessories and jewellery.

During this time, I started to notice a lack of confidence in many people when it came to displaying their products at craft fairs. Having a 20 year career in window dressing and visual merchandising, I saw a real opportunity to take my professional retail background and pass this knowledge onto all the talented self-employed makers and craft people I’ve met. A group of people who I knew would appreciate genuine support in an area that many find difficult.

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Setting up my new Display’ing part of Ingterior is really exciting. Knowing how important it is to display product in an organised and inspirational way, I can’t wait to start helping those who find the display of their products tough, helping them turn all of their hard work into amazing, stand-out displays.

Here are my top five tips that will help you start thinking about your displays and how to make you stand out from the crowd.

1. Know your customer:
I can’t stress how important it is to know your target market and customer, this information will form the basis for how your display looks and give you clues on colours and materials, etc.

2. Have strong branding:
Your branding should represent what it is you do, so customers will want to come over to your stall to find out more (and buy your gorgeous product).

3. Create an inspirational area:
Creating an inspirational area within your display, will give your potential customers a glimpse of what your products will look like in their homes/lives.

4. Incorporate your pricing:
Pricing is an integral part of your display set up, and the design should always match your branding.

5. Prepare and practice:
Before your event, have a practice run at home. Work out how much product you’ll be taking and how you’ll be displaying it, this will save you time on the day and keep your set-up stress free.

You can also book a place on Ingrid’s next Group Display Workshop on Tuesday 15th November at The Generator, Quay House on Exeter Quay or contact Ingrid for details about her one-to-one Display Coaching sessions.