Videos are everywhere at the moment and they are the marketing tool of 2017, especially live video!  Here are my top ten reasons why you should be using videos in your handmade business marketing.

(I know your instinct is that it is too scary but as I tell my kids when they refuse to try a new food ‘how can you really know that you don’t like it if you haven’t ever tried it?’)

top ten reasons handmade business should be using video1. Chance to tell your story or the story behind one of your products

2. As you talk you naturally prove your expertise and knowledge

3. You can showcase your gorgeous handmade products

4. Your passion and love shine through as you talk about your craft

5. Your audience gets to know you, like you and trust you, which leads to more loyalty and sales!

6. Watching an item be lovingly handled and talked about really helps overcome the lack of touch when buying online.

7. You can easily demonstrate your skills, including teaching if it fits in with your business model.

8. Videos can be re-used over and over, on multiple platforms, on websites, social media, in product descriptions.  Create once and share often!

9. You can build strong, long lasting business relationships from the comfort of your own home.

10. You only need a smart phone, no expensive equipment!  It’s really easy to get started!

I am always encouraging crafters to try video, but I get a lot of negative response because it just seems to scary, or I hear ‘I don’t like the sound of my own voice’. Which makes me want to scream in frustration because of the missed opportunities. Thankfully not everyone has that reaction!

I encouraged the wonderfully talented Jane Galley of Loopy’s Place to try video and she is embracing it.   She has recently made not one but two videos about her latest bespoke order memory quilt. To hear the story behind the quilt, to understand the decisions made and to understand the handmade process brings it all to life.   The making of video even bought a tear to my eye when the ‘Happy Birthday Nan’ label appeared!

Jane says ‘With something like this, photos don’t do it justice, video is the only way to get a glimpse of what it’s like’.

You can see both of Jane’s wonderful videos below.  If you’d like to see more, her website is

I know the idea of video is pretty scary so I had an idea about creating a safe place, with guidance and having a bit of fun and a lot of encouragement at the same time…. to get makers like you past the initial fear, to get more people to fall in love with using video for marketing handmade products because the benefits are worth it!

I’ve called it the video challenge because I know it is outside of your comfort zone. (which is a really good thing!)

I’m so passionate about this. It is completely free.  You do need to sign up because I want to give you as much help (meaning lots of kicks to actually do it!) as I can and I want you to commit to doing this!.

I’m spreading the word as much as I can but your help is needed too – if you know anyone with amazing skills and talents who creates to sell then share the word.

I’d love to see as many crafters as possible embracing video – videos show so much more than even the best photo ever can. We start on 12th June. It lasts for just two weeks.
You can see all the details here >

And just in case you still aren’t sure about the value of videos for your business, one of the ladies who took the first video challenge has just posted:
‘Okay Nicola is absolutely right about this video lark!
I have just taken my 5th order for the duffle/back pack bag (that’s not counting the non full price ones I made for friends!) which is the only one I’ve featured on video so far and I haven’t got as far as listing any ready made ones on the shop and every single one of them has mentioned the video!
More videos are needed clearly lol’  – Sharron Barton, LosanaB