“We are open!”  say UK’s small creative business owners.

It is business as usual for UK’s Small Creative Business owners today despite the political uncertainty with Brexit only weeks away.


“Small Creative Business owners are concerned about the impact on the costs of supplies and for selling outside of the UK after 29th March but until we know more it is business as usual, says Nicola Smith, Founder of A Handcrafted Business.

 “Some small businesses are stocking up on supplies where possible but overall it is business as usual until more is known for certain.”

“Government statistics* show that 75% of small businesses are ‘non-employing’ businesses.  These are sole-traders, small business owners who do not have the time to stop and worry about what might happen.  Until there is something firm, our message is simple, ‘We are open’.


“We urge our customers to keep buying, and supporting small businesses as usual.”

Sharron Barton of Losana B says, “I take the view that what I cannot directly change is not going to make me lose sleep or change what I do.

“Keep going and just keep an ear to the ground and make changes as and when needed. Whatever happens we’ll all adapt.”

Lane Lippiatt of Willowlane Designs says, “I will carry on working as hard as I can where I am for my family. I also try to support small businesses too as if I am not supporting them then I am part of the problem.”



Debs Shipley of Rainbows End Creations says, “No one seems to know what they are doing so there’s no point worrying about something no one is listening to me about anyway.

“I’ll deal with it when it happens. Just like the end of the world with Y2K.”


Debbie James of Ruby James Jewels on Etsy says, “Carrying on. Hey, we are British, its what we do! #carryonmaking’.”


*Statistical Release from Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy



A Handcrafted Business assists small creative business owners with business and marketing advice and guidance.