Do you, or have you, run giveaways on Facebook? Or have you entered one? I’m particularly asking about the ones where you have to ‘like and comment and a share would be nice’ for a chance to win.

I’d love to know what your thoughts about them. Using your Facebook page for a giveaway like this can be brilliant to get a flurry of attention and excitement on your page but that can be it. For a few days while the giveaway is open you can get a great response.  You get excited chatter which can make you feel great but then, thanks to algorithms and the ‘busyness’ of social media, it can all stop, until your next giveaway that is!

It gets worse!!  I hate to admit this, but I have entered ‘like and comment’ giveaways to try and win something that looks amazing, but within minutes I have forgotten I have entered, never mind who was hosting which is pretty normal given the distracting nature of a social platform!

selling handmade neckalce business adviceIn fact just this week, I entered a giveaway via a post, for the chance to win £150 worth of handmade silver jewellery. I remember clearly thinking, ‘WOW, what a beautiful and very generous prize’. I saw it because a friend had shared, unsurprisingly it was getting a lot of attention, but it was from a small business I hadn’t come across before.

Now I cannot recall the name of the business at all.    It is important to me to support small businesses so I am angry with myself that I have forgotten. I can only hope that at some point soon she appears in my news feed, but sadly that is unlikely unless of course I win.

If ‘forgetting*’ is normal, which I believe it is then the value of a Facebook giveaway has to be questioned.  Is it the best use of your marketing time or budget?

(*The exception is if you already know and love the business of course)

I’d love to know your thoughts on this!! What are your experiences?  Do you ‘forget’?

Assuming forgetting is normal, what is the alternative for a creative business trying to get its name out and to be remembered?

A ‘subscribe to get my regular emails for a chance to win’ giveaway ticks the right boxes. I know that means more work and sending regular emails and yes, you will get less entries but it gives you a chance to follow up. Think about how an email based giveaway works: – they enter and get an email thanking them for entering so straight away they get to see your name again.

Then you can send them an email which congratulating the winner and offer a thank you for entering with a limited time offer/code/discount to everyone else. Now they have seen your name twice so they are starting remember who you are and what you do AND you are giving them the chance to buy from you too.

Ideally you will also then send them regular emails with news/offers/new designs and other interesting information which will help the subscribers get to know you, like you and trust you.   Over time you can become their go to person for what you do, and they will recommend you to others.

So you have a chance to keep in touch. Even if someone unsubscribes, you have a clear picture of the results of your giveaway, to know if it was a worthwhile exercise to repeat.

Of course both have pros and cons.  I’d love to know your thoughts, I think you know mine!