So onto part two of my NuMonday experiment, less than 24 hours later I have my email telling me that my products have been imported from Etsy so I’d better get to work.

According to the email all I need to do is:

1. Add Shipping
2. Add Items to category
3. Add any variations to variable items
4. Add additional images
5. Publish your items

First thing I notice is that some of the imported photos don’t look great as they are displayed differently to Etsy. Where Etsy show a cropped version of your pic as a feature pic, NuMonday show it all meaning my rectangular centred cropped bracelet pic is now a slightly lost looking bracelet at the very top of a portrait image. Unfortunately there is no way of editing this on the site which means the one photo that does get imported isn’t much use unless it’s originally square….if your photos on Etsy are square then you are laughing ….if not…be prepared for some serious cropping time in your future.
The website seems to be running very slowly sometimes while working on adding products, there are a lot of fixes being done by Michael (the owner) so this can sometimes interrupt your listing…it’s annoying but it’s all work to improve the site so a necessary evil!
A big issue for me is the inability to be able to move your products around in your shop, they seem to be placed in order of uploading at the moment but they do move around a bit so not sure if this is the case! I’m told this is on the list of things that will be changed in future.
I now have ten products listed but must admit to having a bit of a skive to watch the footie! I have been busy opening a Twitter account for my business, mainly to trial the retweeting element of NuMonday. If you tweet your products using the NuMonday hashtags then Numonday will retweet them for you, it remains to be seen if the only people who will see the tweets are other NuMonday sellers. As I type the account has just over 3500 followers.
Ok, my thoughts so far – I’m impressed with the work Michael is putting in to grow the platform, he’s very responsive to ideas from sellers, adding categories when asked and replying to queries promptly. He says the marketing budget will now be weighed in favour of attracting buyers rather than sellers so time will tell if this pays off. The negatives I have mentioned are niggles more than major concerns so as things stand I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress.
Next step for me is adding more of my products! I’ll report back soon,