Hi everyone!

It’s now been three weeks since I opened my NuMonday shop so I expect you’re all dying to hear what has been going on, well, I’ll tell you…..Nothing..Nada…A big fat Zero.

Why? No sales – but that’s to be expected, a brand new shop on a relatively new platform isn’t going to attract buyers without putting the graft in to get buyers to the site and specifically your own store.

But surely I will have had some visitors and people browsing my shop? Trouble is at the moment there is no way of seeing any stats for your store, you won’t know which tags are attracting visitors, what they are looking at or if they click on anything. This is a feature that is on the list of things that will be added in future, you still need to bear in mind that this is a new venture, you have come in on it at the beginning and so it’s a work in progress.

Currently my jewellery is selling well on Etsy so I would rather direct any people on social media to there instead of an unknown platform – and that’s where the problem lies, it’s Catch 22, NuMonday shop owners need to promote their shop to get visitors to there and make it known….but as it’s unknown they are better spending their time on existing better known platforms.

So – what I am going to do, I’m going to continue with my shop until the end of the month and see what happens without any promotion on my part, hopefully there will be more advertising done by NuMonday and stats will be added so shops can see how successful their tags/titles etc are and enable them to change things about. I’ll report back then!

Tracey x