Hi! I’m Tracey Phillips and I’m Admin here at A Handcrafted Business, having heard a lot of people asking about different selling platforms I decided to take one for the team and set up a shop with NuMonday ( https://www.numonday.com/ ) so I can let you lovely people know about the process and results as I go.
It’s a relatively new platform although it’s getting busier, but it still feels a bit like being a guinea pig –  Ebay and Etsy were once at this stage though and they turned out ok so I’m giving it a chance! It’s run by one guy called Michael Wight and it’s him that deals with all queries – a busy bloke!
So, let’s make a start –
First step is signing up, you add your card details for payment, add your shop name, shop info and seller info, then click ‘apply to be a vendor’ Oooh I thought, this may take a while to be checked and accepted….nope!  You are just taken to the next page where it says ‘Congratulations you are now a vendor’…well that was easy! I assume that means they don’t actually check out those who apply to be a vendor then, hmmm!  You do get an email saying your first monthly £5 payment has been taken – right, better get this shop sorted quickly then!
Next step is off to Settings to add your Payment/Branding and Shipping details. Payment takes you through to open a Stripe account (they have just moved over from Paypal to Stripe ) for payment to and from NuMonday – just one page of info to add, easy so far.
Then Branding, just uploading your store banner and shop icon (simple if you already have an Etsy store, just use your existing pics, may need a bit of tweaking as your shop icon covers a bit of the bottom of your banner.)
Shipping is easy, one price for U.K orders, one price for international and you can offer free shipping if you want too.

Right, better get some products on…If you scroll down to the bottom there’s a link that gives you info about NuMondays Etsy import service, they import your products from Etsy for you…Yay…but they only import the first image…. Arghhhhh – I’ve got 211 products, that’s going to take weeks to find all the pics and upload them – I must admit this was nearly a deal breaker, I was so excited that my products would be imported I was gutted to find out that I still had a hell of a lot of work to do finding and uploading pics, BUT it’s still easier than doing it from scratch so shouldn’t complain (much).

To start the import process you just need to go to Etsy and download your CSV file (Settings-Options- Download Data) and email this to NuMonday, they import your products ,you just need to add the products to a category, add any variations, add additional photos and publish the products.

Current time for your import to be done is 48 hours as they are busy allegedly due to an influx of Etsy sellers defecting because of the price rises!

**Update** The Etsy import service is no longer free, as of the 18th July the prices are :-

1-10 items £2

11-50 items 20p per item

51 – 150 items £10

151 – 300 items £15

301 – 450 items £20

451 – 700 items £25

I’d say it was well worth the cost for the amount of time saved.

So far so good, it’s pretty easy to do, everything is laid out nicely and clearly and there is a Facebook group (NuMonday Nation) this seems to be more of a place for people to try to sell their latest products, but I have had very prompt replies from Michael (NuMondays founder) to any queries on there so it seems to work.

One of my questions was regarding somewhere to put my privacy policy, according to them their policy covers me but this will be something for me to look into.

That’s it for now, I’ll share the next instalment when my products have been uploaded.

Tracey x