Welcome to the final instalment of my NuMonday trial – the conclusion!

Well, firstly I must say that I am impressed with the way that Michael is working on the site, he must be constantly answering questions, responding to requests to add new categories and helping people set up their shops.

But in spite of this I’m going to be closing my shop, there are a few reasons for this (and this is just my opinion)

  1. I think the site is too new to spend a lot of time promoting my products, where I can spend the time directing people to an already known site (Etsy) or promote my own website

2. I don’t like that they only use Stripe not PayPal, not only is Stripe relatively unknown, it also takes 5 days to receive payment for any orders.

3. It’s too confusing to promote both my Etsy and NuMonday on social media so naturally I would stick to the one that is proven to bring sales in.

4. At the moment there are no stats available so you have no idea if anyone is looking at your products.

5. The £5 a month cost is fair, but at the moment I just don’t think it’s worth it for the work you have to put in promoting your products. For example I can spend $5 on promoted listings on Etsy and sell $50 of jewellery as a result, at this time I  would rather be doing that. Perhaps a beta test may have been a better way to go , free membership and even bonuses for those promoting the site and getting visitors to it?

In conclusion I think it could be a good platform in future when it’s known and trusted but at the moment it feels like this is a long way off and the sellers are doing most of the promotion, I’d rather be directing people to my own website where there’s no competition. Let me know your thoughts!