As we enter the last month of 2016 and sit down to plan 2017 I wanted to share my Craft Business lessons from this year. with you.  (The sensible thing to do with everything, whether it has gone to plan or not, is to consider  the lessons you’ve figured out a long the way.)

I’m not going to bore you with the details of my year but I have boiled it down to my 5 key takeaways which I know you will find useful, and which are going to be a big influence in 2017 for me.  As you plan the handmade products you want to sell or the craft classes you will to teach in 2017 remember:

– You can’t take your eye off the ball, and you most definitely can’t successfully juggle too many balls at once!

– Keep tracking and monitoring, know what is happening and deal with it. Don’t put it off.

– Recognise, celebrate and enjoy all the milestones, big and small – it is better than ok to take one small step at a time!

– Love what you do!! It shines through to your customers.

– Challenge yourself – you need to step outside of your comfort zone from time to time!

– Stay focused. Be present. Be seen. Don’t stop!

I really am looking forward to 2017.

What creative business lessons are you taking away from 2016?   

Wit love, Nicola xxx