I wanted to give you a heads up about something really exciting; if you are thinking of updating, changing or starting your own website in 2018 then this is so,so perfect for you!

One of my courses is a step by step walk through course which makes creating your own self hosted WordPress website as easy as it can be. I’ve seen some amazing websites created from those who have followed it through. It is a great little course, but when I first created it I found it hard to make it work for all the themes but now I have a solution! And by heck it is a whoozy!

If you are familiar with WordPress you probably have heard of the Divi theme – if not it is worth taking a look. It is hugely popular because it opens up so many design possibilities in a really easy to use way. I love it! I wouldn’t change!

So this is where it gets interesting…. my WordPress course (WP Website Walkthrough) is due a really big update (basically I’m going to recreate the whole course using Divi!), and it doesn’t matter when you join, you get lifetime access and all the future updates. But it doesn’t end there – because the course is showing you how to use Divi to create a wonderful website for your business and I am including Divi with the course. Yes! You did read that correctly!

Divi is a premium theme (which means paid for) which is $89 a year to use, but if you join my course you get the full theme as part of the course. When I do this the price will go up – currently it is a bargain £47, because I know it needs the update!

I’m planning to start work on the updated version of the course in December 2017/January 2018, which is when the price will jump up. As soon as I’m ready I’ll be putting the price up. But if you join at the bargain price, you’ll get the full updated course and theme as soon as it is ready….. wow right!!!

I know I could have kept quiet and just told you when it launches as the new version, but I couldn’t keep it to myself loL!

You can find all the details as it currently stands here> WWW course


Remember you get the all singing, all dancing, new Divi version too!I’m so excited about this!! (You can probably tell!)

Much love, Nicola xx