Pinterest Catalogue, Instagram In App Checkout – shopping online is about to change!

News coming back to Facebook, with transparency for adverts

And what the heck is Article 13!

Useful links where you can find out more:

Product Catalogues on Pinterest – upload your products and use them as dynamic Product Pins (shoppable pins)

Also Pinterest has filed for its IPO.

Instagram Checkout is in beta testing in the UK.  20 big brands are testing it out.   Buy direct while on Instagram.  There will be a fee, this isn’t free, but oh the opportunities.
After Facebooks outage mid March it is a big reminder to now have all your business eggs in FB’s basket. In other FB news Mark Zuckerberg is hosting a series of public discussions on the future of the internet and in his latest he announced that ‘news’ will be a big part of Facebook’s future.  Saying Facebook users want to connect with friends but also want to see the news too.   And he wants to find a neutral, way to present quality and trustworthy news.  He hopes to link this with the WATCH platform which is growing…. so ‘watch this space’!

Facebook also announced earlier this month about a new ‘Ad Library’ and increased transparency for business pages, especially those involved in politics!

Article 13…..   it is so much more than just article 13.   Wired have a great article which is worth reading.   But please know this is actually The European Union Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.

Article 13 is ‘just’ the part which makes platforms take responsibility for copyrighted material being shared illegally on their platforms.
There is also article 11 known as ‘the link tax’ – where any news agregator sites will have to pay publishers for using snippets of news articles

And Article 12a, which means only the official organiser of an event can post or share photos from that event…..

Remember this is just a directive – how it is actually interpreted in law isn’t figured out yet.  So don’t panic but do stay aware as this could have an impact on even memes and gifs!