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As always Facebook has had lots of developments this week, some announced and some quietly added in. Do they ever stop to breathe!? So this week has seen, scheduling posts in groups, updating the way insights work for video re-shares, investing in a new AI business and they have been in the news for having bots which are creating their own language! If you have a group for your business, make sure you use the new scheduling feature.

There have been celebrations and happy dances (I am assuming!) at Instagram this week as they announce they have grown from 8 million business user to 15 million since March! WOW!!! This is great news for IG but means greater competition for businesses to be seen. If you use IG, keep your branding strong, create an Instapod,and show up consistently. Also keep an eye on the results IG is pulling in for you, to make sure it is the best place you can be spending your time.

Source: Instagram

Last week it was Facebook removing a feature I loved (link edits) and this week it is YouTube. I was really disappointed and sad to discover that the YouTube video editor is being shut down in September. The reason given is that it isn’t used enough – judging by the shock response that does surprise me. I wonder if it also has to do with the issue that Adobe Flash is going in three year (last weeks email), as it does use a Flash based platform. There are many other free and paid for video editors out there and will be testing a few soon. Once I have I’ll let you know my thoughts.

Source: YouTube

Etsy have finished their shipping testing, and it looks like things will be going back to the way they were. But they haven’t stopped with trying new approaches. They are now testing new ways to show Etsy shoppers what is popular and trending right now as a way to encourage more sales. The experiment is focusing on three areas:
* products with availability of three items or less (excluding one of a kind) will show the information “3 left in stock,” “2 left in stock,” or “1 left in stock” as the items sell.
* shoppers who search for popular phrases will see highlighted best-selling items on their search results page.
* a ‘Best-seller badge’ will appear on items that are top sellers in their category and will be displayed on listings in search and on category pages.

Source: Etsy

My thoughts: I LOVE handmade products because they are different, unique and individual. I don’t want something ‘popular’. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this. I just really hope this doesn’t simply boost popular items by loosing sales of other less popular products. 

Twitter are testing a $99 monthly automatic tweet promotion service, which automatically amplifies your tweets and profile” for a full 30 day period. The service is currently in beta, and only available to invited participants. If you have an invite, consider testing it as the first 30 days are free! (Just please check that you aren’t tied into a $99 a month contract first, as I haven’t seen the small print.)
Source: TechCrunch

Your Pinterest app has had an update today. You can now search using new search bar at the top of your home feed and you also have the Lens camera ready to use as soon as you want to share a pic.

Remember the best way to use Pinterest is to re-pin and to pin your own images – just make sure your own images link back to your website or marketplace store! 

Source: Pinterest

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