Tracey Phillips, award winning jewellery business owner founded the fantastic Jewellery Makers Business Club in 2015.  In June 2018 the Jewellery Makers Business Club merged with A Handcrafted Business Members Club.

Now all Members get the benefits of Tracey Phillip’s knowledge and experience running a jewellery business as well as the wealth of knowledge and support provided by the A Handcrafted Business Members Club.
To find out more about joining the A Handcrafted Business Members Club – click here.

“I’m Tracey Phillips, I built my own award winning handmade jewellery business from scratch and probably experienced all of the issues and problems that you are probably having with your jewellery business. When I started out it would have been amazing to have had like minded people to talk to about anything business related. However small or unimportant you may think your particular problem is, you can guarantee that someone else is worrying about the exact same thing!  And that’s where being part of a like-minded Creative Business Owners Club comes in, and is why I founded the Jewellery Makers Business Club”

A creative business owners club is a place to ask questions and get help with any business issues or problems you are having. To get all the help and information you need to start or grow your jewellery business in one place without the need to pay for expensive business courses.T be part of a supportive, knoweldgable community with access to helpful articles on pricing and selling your jewellery, plus a library of free E-courses covering everything from motivation to blogging. Where you get motivation and butt kicking for those days where you struggle to see the wood for the tress, and most importantly the opportunity to network and talk with like minded jewellery business owners to share ideas, advice and experiences.