I saw a wonderful post on Facebook this morning by artist Joan Wallington about the handmade ripple effect (you can read it below) and simply had to share it with you. So here I am in an impromtpu live video reading it and talking about it – if I’d planned it I’d have worn a better top that didn’t keep slipping off my shoulders!

Have a fab day, and remember you are making a difference in this world.

With love, Nicola xx

Joan Wallington is a talented artist.
You can see her work over at: www.joankennedyartist.co.uk
Or connect with her on social media: Facebook  or Instagram

Here is a copy of her Facebook post that I simply had to tell you about – no comments needed from me as I said everything in the video, however I’d love to hear your thoughts, drop me a comment below:

“How crazy is this? I received a phone call yesterday from a gentle man. It started with him politely apologising as he figured he probably had the wrong number… however he hadn’t … “I’m looking for Joan Kennedy Artist” but you’re Joan Wallington” …

It turned out I worked with him 25 years ago in an estate agents and I sold him one of my paintings .. an oil painting …for £30.00

I could have cried when he told me he still has it …that he treasured it, had it framed the next day and it’s travelled through his life and career. He is not an art collector … just Joe soap public like myself (I don’t confess either to knowing much about art or artists)… and although he has other paintings, this is one he would never part with he said.

It’s travelled with him to finally rest on his wall in his private office in a successful business he launched three years ago. He said he looks at it most days and “makes him feel calm and grounded”

We were both quite young then and laughed at how we are older now with a few grey hairs. He wondered what became of me and his daughter said go on Google .. everything is on there. What really surprised me was when he saw my website he recognised my style instantly … I didn’t think I had a style 😳 .. although I do feel it’s changed

He didn’t know what possessed him to research google yesterday … but I’m so glad he did cause for me I was sitting there wondering should I go get “a proper job” with the struggle of social media in trying get the word out and a website hardly seen.

So for those of you in business (I know there are quite a few of my friends on here who are) just realise to keep doing what you’re doing as we sometimes don’t realise the long lasting ripple effect our actions have on others, so don’t give up. The world really does need you 😘

In fact that can be applied to everyone really whether you are in business or not … remember your actions have a ripple effect

Much love and feeling so grateful Joan x”


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