Before we get into the FIVE Reasons Craft Businesses Should LOVE Facebook Advertising, let’s address the elephant in the room.   Why most haters hate it.

Pre 2014 Facebook was pretty much free to use.   Posts were seen by most people and reach was high.  It was easy to boost page likes.  It was a free for all.

2014 saw a big change for how businesses have to use Facebook.  The big free organic reach of page posts plummeted and it became a pay to play arena.

Many trains of thoughts following this change still include ‘why should I pay it has always been free’  or ‘paying is for big businesses I can’t afford it.’  Nearly a year ago I addressed this in my post  Facebook no longer being free for businesses – and that post is still as relevant today.  Like all businesses Facebook deserve and need to make to make money to survive and grow.

Instead today I want to share FIVE  Reasons  Craft Businesses Should LOVE  Facebook Advertising

Why it is time to stop hating, and start loving Facebook advertising?

What makes the Facebook advertising platform so great?

1. Facebook KNOW their users!!

I mean really know their users.   They know not just demographics, but exactly how they are feeling at any specific moment in time…    and they give us the chance to use all the info they collect.  WOW!!

(OK, they don’t yet give advertisers the chance to use feelings, but you never know where it will go next!) facebook feelings

I often see people complaining about unsuitable adverts ‘Why is Facebook showing me dating site adverts when I just got married’ – that isn’t Facebook getting it wrong, it is the advertiser!!!


2. Facebook only charge you when someone responds to your advert.

News paper advertising, tv, radio, magazine,bill boards, leaflet drops, banners in the sky  – whatever you choose you pay whether someone reads and takes notice or not.   It really is keep your fingers crossed that you stand out. With Facebook you only pay if someone engages – so by clicking to read more, liking, commenting or sharing.

3. Facebook only show adverts which are working

Facebook uses the snowball effect for pretty much everything.  If your posts , whether free or paid are getting interaction they will show it to more people.  If there is not interaction they don’t want to show it.  They only want to share what is relevant and popular.  Facebook want to keep their users happy, and  their way to achieve this is to only show them content they want to see.   Which means if the ad doesn’t work you don’t pay as FB stop showing it – so you don’t waste your money.

4. Facebook lets you tweak adverts

Once leaflets are printed, magazines are printed – it’s too late.  If you used a bad image, or the wording isn’t working, well it is simply tough.  You need to pay again.   With Facebook adverts you have the chance to tweak your advert and change as it is running.  Not only that you can actually see which adverts and images are working, by simply looking at the information Facebook collects.   If you use multiple images in an advert Facebook will automatically show more of the best performing images, so you get the most from your money.

5.   And where else can you advertise from as little as £1 a day to your ideal customer!!

You don;’t need a big budget to start advertising.  It may take time to get it right and working for you, but once you do, and you see the returns you can then strategically increase the amount you spend.   Pure marketing magic at work.

Free is and was great BUT , it was never going to last forever.    

And we haven’t even delved into the reporting abilities of Facebook  or Facebook Custom Audiences… now that is pure gold!   I think we will cover that one another day! 

So Facebook advertising – love it or hate it?

 I think you know how I feel, but have I convinced you with my FIVE  Reasons  Craft Businesses Should LOVE  Facebook Advertising?

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