I asked the wonderful members of a fab Etsy group for their top tips for someone starting out on Etsy, and this is what they said…

Louise Foyster who runs  Foyquirkycreations.Etsy.Com says:  Photographs! Avoid collage pics with distracting backgrounds and go for lifestyle shots wherever possible. And although it’s tempting to add logos or watermarks, try not to- photos look much more professional without. (There are still a few old photos on some of my listings that break these rules, but I’m really happy with most of my photos now!) 


eysu-storeSharon Highway who owns https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MalloryJournals says: Fill every bit of information in before opening your shop. Customers like to know all about the seller. Concentrate on great photos and work on titles and tags. 


Layla Oates of Www.madebydolly.etsy.com says:  Descriptions don’t need to be very long but they are a great opportunity to sell your product. Describe why the customer should buy the product, who would love to recieve it etc. Don’t forget to add vital statistics at the end, dimensions and other relevant measurements.  

Caroline Johnston of  https://www.etsy.com/shop/harvestmoonjewellery says:  Join an Etsy team, or teams. There are lots of lovely, experienced Etsians out there who will be happy to help with your questions and concerns. In fact, join this group!


Elaine Kamminga  of https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/elliestreasuresuk   says: Like Layla said above, descriptions are very important. Describe your item as fully as possible (including all the important sizes, etc). When I first opened I’d sell a lot to a blind lady and she commented that she’d purchase from me because my descriptions where so in depth (obviously she couldn’t see pictures, just relied on hearing description). My other tips are always be polite to your customer, keep them informed when making something especially for them, add a note to the dispatch message to say when and how their item has been mailed, thanking them for their custom, etc., etc. 


Nicola Chalmers from https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TheLittleFeltFlower  says: I found using Canva when setting up my shop was great as I could design banners, logos and use them on social media too. EtsyRank is very useful too highlighting areas you need to change and helping with tags.


Carole Heaton of Www.holmemadewithlove.etsy.com says: Write titles and descriptions with the buyer in mind, not as a seller…. Put yourself in their shoes… What would they search for? What would make them think “I want that… I need that!” Appeal to their senses!


Johnny Joannou of  www.onasixpence.etsy.com says:  1. Ask for help – there some brilliant etsy groups on facebook ( (although this is clearly the best!). 2. Do not spend too much time planning. Just do it. 3 Ask for more help. 


Cherry Drudge-Coates of  www.cherrymadethis.etsy.com says: My best tip is to keep active in Etsy. Make a change daily, even if it’s just updating tags or tweaking a title. If you list your items and leave them for a month then they are unlikely to be near the top of the searches. Plus it’s good to make Etsy a habit 😊 


Heather Barber of www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MooseintheMint says  write your description as if the customer can’t see the photo – so lots of details including sizes, and take photos to show the product as if the text isn’t there – so show size and as a ‘lifestyle shoot’. 2. If you feel more comfortable, start off just shipping to the UK, and then enlarge your shipping (you can chose the countries) – make sure your insurance covers the relevant countries t   I’d also add that postage & packaging is meant to be that! The cost of the postage and all the packaging – tissue paper, jiffy bag or box, return address labels etc


Tina Allen of Www.etsy.com/uk/shop/keepitinaframe says: I make to order and only list one of each item at a time as I find relisting regularly helps views and sales. Tweaking daily/regularly definitely helps, and titles and keywords should match with the most important words at the beginning of the title. It takes a lot of work but can be rewarding.


Sally Mitchell of www.popsyclunk.etsy.com says: Make the most of every field you can fill in – use all 5 photos and all the tags ! 


Alya Elizabeth Sayer of www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ASMiniatureStudio says: I actually found that watching your competition is soul destroying as it makes you question everything about what you do, however when I’m waiting for sales I’m painting new miniatures allowing me to be constantly expanding my ranges.


And the best tip I can give you, is to get started today and figure it out as you go!

With love, Nicola xx

PS If you have a great tip to share, pop it in the comments, or let me know which tip has been the most useful for you.