Before I came on I was tweeting about the #CraftBizProject which as you can see from this video I am super excited about as it is something which is really close to my heart!  Though I do come across like a kid in a sweet shop – not sure if that is a good look or not!!

I have such  a big vision for this – it is a long term vision and we are right at the start – which is the perfect time to get involved!

To involved with #craftbizproject click here 

I also get a bit teary when I chat to Elizabeth, one of my wonderful clients! It was a fantastic session! I’m starting to enjoy these more and more !

Daily #craftbiz chat – talking about things which concern handmade businesses, giving you a glimpse behind the scenes of A Handcrafted Business and A Handcrafted Marketplace – basically enjoying a bit of Craft Biz Chatter!

Nicola xx

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PPS This originated on FB Live which is why it is has the black bars either side of the video.