I  wanted to talk about how artists and makers are prone to doubts, and then I discovered that today is Blue Monday – officially the most depressing day of the year! Right now I am buzzing with great energy which I want to share with you to banish those blues and doubts because I know the ‘blues’ can be a real issue (I’ve been there!).

Here are my top 5 tips for beating with the handmade business blues:

1. Know that you are enough!

2. Stop comparing yourself to others!

3. Stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself!

4. Those doubts – we all get them!   Deal with them!  

5. Keep learning!

You’ll have to watch my the video to hear my full thoughts.  But just know, you are amazing, you are talented, you are admired and envied for your skills and talents!

Make, Believe to Succeed!!

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With love, Nicola xx

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