Sadly it isn’t enough to have an amazing looking creative business website!! You can have the best looking craft business website in the world but if no-one knows about it, then it won’t help you or your craft business. 

It simply isn’t enough to design and build your WordPress website; you also need to plan your strategy for getting people to see your website. (Otherwise it is like designing and paying for a brand new, sparkly brochure and leaving them on the floor, in the boxes they are delivered in.)

Except one strategy isn’t enough!  You actually need TWO strategies.   

The first to target new visitors. This can include SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social Media, PR/Guest Blogging and FB adverts to ‘cold’ people who match your Ideal Customer profile.

The second to re-target visitors.  This is a way to get back in front of first time visitors (it is a sad fact that first time visitors rarely buy) to give them a chance to get to know, like and trust you enough to come back and buy from you.  Email marketing and Facebook retargeting adverts (the Facebook pixel) are great tools for this.

Your website is a marketing tool – it won’t work for you without all the other creative business marketing ingredients.  (The strategies!)

It sounds like a massive task, I know.  Ideally you need to find the simplest system that works for you. It does take trial and error, but it is possible!  Especially when you make it all part of designing your website.  Which is exactly why these strategies are all included as part of my WordPress Website Walk-Through course.  

I don’t want you to end up with a website that just looks pretty! I want you to have a website that works for you! 

If your website looks great, but isn’t bringing you in the sales it should, it is time to work on your two strategies! If you need help with it, please get in touch.