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My NuMonday Experience – Part 4….the conclusion

Welcome to the final instalment of my NuMonday trial - the conclusion! Well, firstly I must say that I am impressed with the way that Michael is working on the site, he must be constantly answering questions, responding to requests to add new categories and helping...

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My NuMonday experience Part Two

So onto part two of my NuMonday experiment, less than 24 hours later I have my email telling me that my products have been imported from Etsy so I'd better get to work. According to the email all I need to do is: 1. Add Shipping 2. Add Items to category 3. Add any...

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My NuMonday experience Part One

Hi! I'm Tracey Phillips and I'm Admin here at A Handcrafted Business, having heard a lot of people asking about different selling platforms I decided to take one for the team and set up a shop with NuMonday ( ) so I can let you lovely people...

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