About Nicola Smith

Nicola Smith

From working as a newspaper photographer photographing busy Prime Ministers to cheeky school children, to taking advertising shots for Saatchi and Saatchi, to writing press releases for the local MP and Home Secretary, Chartered Institute Of Marketing qualified and running marketing departments at an award winning college and an international Foster Care Agency… there isn’t much Nicola Smith hasn’t done!

Wanting to be more creative and self-employed, and away from the corporate world, Nicola started her own successful handcraft business – MARKETING was the easy and fun bit.

Constantly being asked for advice and help with marketing by talented and skilled makers, designers, creators and artists inspired  A Handcrafted Business.

A Handcrafted Business is THE PLACE where creative and artistic  people get the support they need to run their own businesses.

Nicola knows first-hand that for any marketing to be successful, the person behind needs to be confident and have self-belief, which artists, makers and clever creative people particularly really struggle with.

So when you work with Nicola you discover all the marketing skills you need but most importantly you also grow in confidence and discover your true value.

If you want to read the full story about why Nicola started A Handcrafted Business click here

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