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Last week I messed up! I sent out the weekly news email and one of the links was the wrong one. I’m really, really sorry. I do test the links but some how that one slipped through the net. A really big thank you to everyone who messaged me to let me know. I’m sorry I haven’t had chance to reply personally to everyone. The correct link is below (I’ve triple checked it!)

‘A question I am asked a lot is ‘is there a best time to post on Social Media’. This article is one of the best and most thought through replies I have seen. If you want to make your Social Media work harder for you, it is worth a read! ‘
Correct link: Entrepreneur

I’m loving the amazing feedback to my pricing article last week, it is wonderful to know that it is revolutionising the pricing of handmade businesses, and that you now know you are actually making money from your sales. The best bit is hearing how when you put your prices up, you also sell more! The 25% discount on my handmade product pricing class (now just £14.95) finishes on 2nd July 2017.

You can see my pricing formula that works here and take advantage of the fab class offer too.

Do you use Google Analytics? If so, you will love that the analytics platform is bringing in the ability to ask a question and get the answer without having to dig and search through various reports. What does this mean? It means life is about to get a lot easier! You will simply be able to type a clear question in and get the answer, for example to “How many new users did we have from organic search on mobile last week?”
This feature is being rolled out over the next few weeks and will be available to all Google Analytics users. This is one I am looking forward to!
Source: Google Analytics Blog

** Members Club note – once this latest update has been rolled out I will be creating a new Google Analytics class for all members. **

HMRC are still looking at making all tax digital, though ‘plans to digitise tax returns have been delayed until 2020 and will only apply to businesses over the VAT threshold.‘ This is good news for now as the plan was that all businesses, regardless of size, would have to submit four times a year. Source:UKBusinessForums
They are though making digital tax available on a voluntary basis for businesses under the VAT threshold… any volunteers?

Etsy are currently running a shipping experiment, their aim is to make it clearer for customers. They are going to be showing item price including shipping for a limited number of US customers. The concern from many sellers is that this will make items look more expensive rather than less, especially if a customer wants to buy multiple items.
Etsy are also saying ‘This is the first of several updates we’re exploring to increase buyers’ understanding of shipping costs and times. We’ll update you about the results of the experiment in August and share information about future tests.’
Source: Etsy

Whether you sell through Etsy or not, shipping (or P&P) can cause a lot of headaches when pricing your products. Do you offer ‘free postage’ or have it as an extra. However you work it, the best approach is to be upfront and transparent. 

This story caught my attention this week, it is a reminder about the importance of consumer regulations apply to everyone including Facebook, Twitter and Google. 
Source: Techcrunch

If you need to make sure you are complying, check our my Consumer Contracts Regulations article here – it is about protecting yourself as well as your customers!

At one time nearly every website had an element which utilised Adobe Flash. I remember how proud I was when I used it to create a falling confetti effect on my very first handmade business website. I thought it was so ‘flash’ at the time! I know terrible pun!! Adobe has now announced that Flash will be fully retired in three years. If by any chance you are still using it on your website (unlikely!) now is the time to be planning a refresh!
Source: VentureBeat

Facebook have recently removed the ability to edit title, description and image on link posts, the aim of this is to help limit the spread of false news. Some pages however still have the ability through a new tab under Publishing Tools> Link Ownership. I have used this feature with nearly every link I share, so I will really miss it. If you can’t edit through Facebook now, it means making sure the meta description for each page is the one you want to be shown. (The Yoast plugin makes it easy to edit the meta description for each page on WordPress websites.)
Source: Facebook Help

Also you still have time to complete the A Handcrafted Business Survey Click here for the survey. Thank you! 

If you want more from me you can find me hanging out in the Members Club or or feel free to stalk me on Social Media. Otherwise, see you next week with more Handcrafted Business news.

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