If you currently rely on social media for promoting and marketing your craft business then you need to know about email marketing!

The reason you need to know is Social Media is a fickle place.  Read more here.

1.  Email marketing can increase your handmade sales!

Reliable statistics show that sending marketing emails to your email list is 40 times more effective at getting customers than Facebook and Twitter and (this is a biggy)  people who do buy as a result of seeing an email from you spend up to 17 percent more when they do buy.

2. Email marketing only needs to be done once a week!

Yep, that’s right; you only need to send an email once a week unlike social media which is a daily chore, and time drain as we get sucked into irrelevant and random posts that demand our attention.  That potentially means more time for actually making your handmade products!

3. Email marketing is free and easy!

Seriously, you can get started using Mailchimp for your handmade business today for free.  Mailchimp is a great tool for collecting email addresses and sending out your weekly emails (note Mailchimp calls these emails campaigns.)

Start building your own email list by encouraging your social media fans to become subscribers using exclusive email only offers and incentives.
To send a campaign simply click campaign, select your list, give your email a name, select your style (I always use one column), use the drag and drop system to design your email.  Then write a few sentences to let your audience know how they can get their exclusive email only offer and tell them about your latest make/work in progress/latest testimonial/a relevant story/news/craft fair with a link back to where they can buy from you (website/Etsy etc).

4. Email marketing is a great way to stay in your customers mind!

Consistent and regular email marketing means that every week builds a trusting relationship.  When someone subscribes to your email you know they are a fan as they have already seen your work and they want to see emails from you.  Your craft business fan, whether they open your email or simply see you in their inbox is being reminded about you and your wonderful handmade products.

This means they are far more likely to come to you when they want/need what you make!    You can post ten times a day on social media and still have no guarantees that you will be seen by your fans who are ready to buy handmade.

5. Email marketing builds trust with handmade buyers

People don’t buy handmade because you make to sell. People buy because they know, like and trust you.

Emails are the perfect way to build that rapport and trust because your reader is getting to hear from you.
Your audience are interested in you, your story and your skills and talents.  Make sure you talk to your reader, not at them.

Tweet this: “People don’t buy handmade because you make to sell. People buy because they know, like and trust you.” – A Handcrafted Business
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